Stay Tuned for Even More Exciting Details

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to send this message to make sure that during this crisis, you are first and foremost taking care of yourself and your family. Please listen to the experts, they are spending their time, effort and in some cases putting themselves at risk to help others. The worldwide outbreak and spread of COVID-19 is affecting each and every one of us. With the scale of the impact unknown, it is critical that we all come together to do our part to protect our world. 

Remember the common courtesies, help out your neighbour or someone who may need assistance where you safely can. Say a simple thank you to people that are still working to make sure we have the necessities to get through this trying time. Let’s take a cue from the guy who brought us all together – Elvis and take this opportunity to emulate the spirit he shared and the beliefs he lived by.

No one should take this lightly. We all want to stay safe and endure, we will get through this. We also realize that we are all feeling the effects of self-isolation. Hopefully this announcement of our Showcase of Champions will give you a little something to smile about look forward to. Please keep our Flaming Star Family healthy – we want to see you in October!!

Pam and Sue