We hope that everyone and their family are well during this unprecedented time. You are always on our minds.

This is the announcement we have been putting off for as long as possible hoping against hope that we would have a more positive answer. We have agonized over this decision for months now. Watching every newscast and update we could find hoping against hope that we would be able to provide you with some good news. It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the cancellation of Flaming Star 2020.

The safety and health of our Flaming Star family is of the utmost importance to us and without the ability to see in the future with any accuracy, we do not feel confident at this time that we can move forward in good conscience. We miss you all and we so wanted to go ahead. We all need it, but we had to weigh safety versus the risk, and we needed to err on the side of safety.

We have contacted the Office of the Premier and they could not give us any definitive information, understandably, on where we will be at the end of October. It appears they do not have a crystal ball either.

On a happy note, please save the dates – October 29-31st, 2021 for our next festival. We are working out some of the final details, so keep an eye on the website, Facebook group and mailing list and we will keep you updated as we put everything in place!! We have some exciting new changes to announce in the coming months!!

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