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February 2, 2023


It is with great sadness that we must announce the end of the Flaming Star Festival. We have agonized over the decision and tried to find alternative solutions but unfortunately we were unable to come up with a viable one.

Since our inception in 2014 and our 7 years of shows, we have had so many good memories and built tremendous friendships that made this one of the toughest decisions we have ever had to make.

As many of you know, we have self-funded the festival. We continued to invest in Flaming Star because of our love and respect for Elvis and the many amazing fans that he brought to us each year. However, the continually increasing costs and the lack of financial sponsors have made it impossible for us to continue. No one regrets this more than we do but it is just the sad reality of a constantly escalating cost of living.

We want you to know that we were greatly honoured to have had the overwhelming and continued support of so many people, from the volunteers, the entertainers, the judges and of course the fans. You all hold very special places in our hearts and we know that we have created a family that will live on.  We are incredibly proud of the unique family feeling our festival had and were deeply touched by the annual response. We feel that this year everything came together with our new venue and believe we will be going out on a high note.

We’d like to invite you to share one of your best memories from the Festivals with us and again want to express our sincere appreciation for your support.

We hope to see you at our sister festivals – Niagara Falls and Elvis & Co this year.

Pam and Sue

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