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Hi Everyone,


We are sincerely hoping that this update finds you all healthy.


We have been getting a number of inquiries about the status of the festival as well as how people can buy tickets. So we wanted to give you a quick update.


First, we have our fingers, toes and just about everything else crossed that we will be able to go ahead with the festival but like everyone else, we do not have a crystal ball to see what the situation is going to be 7 months in the future. We are cautiously optimistic with the deployment of the vaccines and the declines in new cases of COVID. It gives us hope.


Second, we usually have ticket sales scheduled to start about now.  However we are waiting for a clear direction and for guidelines to help us determine seating capacities at events in the fall.  With that in mind, ticket sales will be open much later than normally scheduled.


Third, stay tuned as we are busy working behind the scenes and there may just be some surprises!!


You will know once we have some concrete information. We will email to our mailing list, post on our Facebook Group Page and post on our website.


To ensure that you will be notified as soon as our planning is done, check back often or register for our email list. You can register for the email list by visiting our website at Then hit the button labelled Mailing List. Fill in the form there or email your information to us at


Thanks you all for your interest and support of the festival and we look forward to seeing you there.

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