We are very thankful for all the people we have met through our Flaming Star Festival so it seemed appropriate today to send this out to you as a way of saying Thank You!

Please join us on what would have been the 2021 Festival kickoff for this special event.

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Hi Everyone,

We hope you and your family are all healthy and safe as the 4th wave is upon us.

This is the update we were hoping never to have to make again after 2020, but as most of you can guess the numbers are not in our favour.

Unfortunately, we have to cancel the 2021 Flaming Star Festival. We have held out as long as we could in the hopes that the situation would improve and for awhile in June, it looked like we would be able to go ahead. The Delta variant has dealt us a death blow.

We were looking forward to reconnecting and may even hug everyone but it is not to be. We want to thank you all for your patience, understanding and support. The calls and inquiries have given us some of the few bright spots right now.

We have tentative dates for 2022 – Friday October 14th through Sunday October 16th, 2022. We will have more news for you as we start to plan for 2022. Keep up to date with our progress through either our mailing list, Facebook Group Page or our website. We will post information there as soon as we can.

Thank you again! We love and miss you all! Please continue to stay safe and we will see you soon hopefully!

Pam and Sue